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How The Planets Shape Our Health

           A master-class for natural therapists with

                            Lee Anthony Taylor

In association with the Florida Association of Reflexologists

A two-part event via Zoom!

Friday March 5 and Friday March 19 from 2 to 3:30pm EST


$120 (non-members) for both days

A certificate of attendance will be available on completion

  • Why do so many children ‘grow out’ of asthma around the age of 14?

  • Why does arthritis affect most people in their fifties instead of their forties?

  • What is really meant by going into your ‘second childhood’?


Whether we’re conscious of it or not, all of the planets have a constant influence on us, every day of our lives. This influence ebbs and flows in regular cycles. Women tend to be more aware of these subtle changes than men, because of the effect of the moon on their menstrual cycle and their moods, but awareness among the population is growing.


This two-session webinar will demonstrate how each of the seven major planets of the alchemical tradition affects specific bodily organs and relates to human health in repeating patterns throughout life. This knowledge can add valuable information to the case-taking process and shed extra light on our clients’ conditions and progress.


As natural therapists, this knowledge enables us to understand why certain people are prone to specific ailments and to accurately assess whether their conditions represent simply a passing phase or something more permanent.


By using this method of assessing health patterns, a therapist can work with the body as it enters a new cycle and understand more clearly where the client’s energy needs to be directed. All that is needed is a date and time of birth.


Exciting, inspiring, revealing and fun, 'How the Planets Shape our Health' will make you realize that we are not alone in the universe and that there is an incredible interaction between humans and the cosmos.

What other students have said:

This is so fascinating and so invaluable in my case taking procedure!


Lee’s unique style of teaching brings this awesome subject to life and is super-relevant in my everyday practice!


I spend so much time telling all my clients about how connected we all are – this course is living proof!

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